Emerald Isle Photographer

Town Removes Bogue Inlet Pier’s Sign

Read Mike’s thoughts on the town removing his sign on December 1st.

I can relate to his frustration, the town does not even support my sign shop.
They get all their signs from other companies NOT in Emerald Isle…I have confronted
them about it with no orders. I have even donated banners to the town on a
few occasions and this is how they treat the LOCAL businesses.


One response

  1. eddie redding

    Are you all out of your mind. You are taking a way history. Don’t you know thats what put this place on the map. It’s not because We have a Island but a Pier as well. I still think the peir should stay . You will lose so much revenue the the Island will go back to a one horse town. The older torist love H I S T O R Y! They want to go back to YESTERYEAR. Not tomorrow. And still live another day!.

    June 26, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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