Emerald Isle Photographer

BIP 9-26-08

I captured some intresting photos of the fishemen and surfers yelling at each other
today. The police were called in and you know who will lose this battle…

the “SURFERS”.

Most of the surfers were surfing outside of the buoy and when I noticed after every
wave they would hit a fishing line and the fishermen were yelling at them telling
them to move. A few of the surfers came out of the water and confronted the
fishermen. Then the cops were called in and they really went off on the surfers.
I saw them yelling at surfers that had not even been in the water yet as they walked
down to the beach.

I have a hard time looking at this because if this happened down the beach away
from the pier, none of this would have gone down. What if it was swimmers in the
way of the fishermen, whould the police had been called?

Look at the photo below…Nick did not do anything wrong or come out of the water
to confront the fishermen and he gets this treatment. The cop ran up to him and
just went off!!

Way to go guys!!


One response

  1. ajw

    This is great!!!
    keep shooting these shots, and surfers might actually have somethin on our side.

    I cant say how many times ive been hassled from cops/ lifeguards from being kicked out of the water during red flags, near peirs or leashes. NC cops def. need to relax a little. Thats outrageous!

    September 28, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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