Emerald Isle Photographer

Busy Busy

I know I have not been bloggin as much as I should sooo
Here is a short run down of all the jobs I have in the works and I will
try to keep everyone updated here in blogland:)

Thank you to all who have orders and are waiting patiently!

These jobs are not listed in order.

1. Boat name for Tad Bassett
2. Palm Tree Bucks Design for Carolina Home and Garden
3. 4×10 Banner for a Boat & Rv Storage
4. Truck Lettering for HWY 58 Bicycles / Boat & RV Storage
5. 8 16×20 Foamcore Prints and Three 16×20 Canvas Prints for Bill Brown
6. 30×96 Banner for Sight & Sound Solutions
7. Aluminum Car Tags
8. Ad Designs for EILiveSurf.com
9. Two Boat Wraps
10. 16′ Trailer Graphics for Kevin Robinson
11. Bogue Auto Sales wants a new Sign
12. Package Design for a Fishing Product
13. 50 T-Shirts for HWY 58 Bicycles
14. Various Signs for Carolina Home and Garden
15. Replace The Planet’s sign that blew out in a storm
16. House Sign for Micky Henrickson “It’s Five O’Clock Here”
17. Truck Lettering and a 2×8 Sign for James Edwards.
18. Website Design for The Pelican’s Nest
19. House Sign for Marilyn Stulb “The Joy of STX” (STX meaning ST. Croix)
20. Yard Signs for Scroggins Construction
21. Sandblasted Sign for Ocean Forest Access
22. Car Tags for The Village at Camp Morehead
23. Island Essential Box Truck Wrap
24. Logo Design for Darrin Bell from A Frame Creations
25. Patio Sign for Ericka Worden
26. House Sign for Emily Thomas ( The Sea D’Shake )
27. 18 28×22 Posters for a Print Company in AB
28. 6 Yard Signs with frame for Quality Kitchen & Bath
29. 6 Yard Signs with Frame for Farrell Construction
30. 4 Yard Signs with Frame for East Coast Glass
31. Magnetic Signs for the Town of Pine Knoll Shores
32. House Banner approx 8’x6′ for Nacy Mitchell
33. 1000 Cards for Good Sessions 25% off sale
34. 40 Shirts for East Coast Glass
35. 36 Shirts for Lightning yachts
36. 46 Shirts for Wind Toys
37. 100 Decals for Windtoys
38. 6 Shirts for Larry Watson
39. 20 Shirts for Outer Island Accents
40. 56 Shirts for ESA/CNC Mid Atlantic Regionals
41. 100 8×8 Decals for Few New Zealand
42. 100 Decals for Surf Carolina Magazine
43. Truck Graphics for Eastline Pool and Spa.
44. Two 4×8 Signs with poles for Jarrett Bay
45. Yard Sign for Canio Codella
46. Cover shot for Crystal Coast OutDoors
47. Eastern Surf Supply will Be using a shot of Justin Schub soon


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