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ASG @ the Emerald Club!!


Giovanna Fort Macon 5-15-11

We had a great day together!!! We went to Beaufort to see the Nina and Pinta Pirate ships, then headed over to Fort Macon to take some portraits of my Beautiful Giovanna!

Prom portraits from the Watson house

I had a good time taking these prom portraits, please click on the photo below to view
the gallery. I made a few package deals to save some cash. I also set up a purchase all
photos as a digital download so you can have a copy for yourself.

If you would like to order a Canvas print please stop Playa Graphics to place an order.
Prom Portrait - Croatan High


We went and played in the flowers again, this time I brought a ladder to get a higher angle to show more flowers. All these were shot with a off camera flash with no modifier and light stand.

Please contact us to reserve your session!

Black Pearl Canvas

Black Pearl Canvas.

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We had a nice clean evening with offshore winds to help create
these beautiful waves. Please contact me if interested in a large canvas

Macro Photography

I tried some macro photography this weekend. Jaredd let me borrow his Canon 100mm macro along with
his Kenko extension tubes. My first try was pretty bad since I had no idea what settings I needed to use.
I shot the first set with no flash at 2.8 and it was SUPER hard to focus and get proper exposure. I did a little
research and found that I needed to go min f11 and use the flash to compensate for the lower aperture.

This image was shot the canon 100mm macro w/stacked extention tubes @ 200th, ISO 200, F11 with a 430 ex flash on 1/4 power.

Emerald Isle Photographer shooting Macro Photography

This next image was shot using my Canon 28-105mm along with the Kenko tubes with the same exposure
settings. I was real impressed with the quality. Not quite as sharp as the Canon 100mm.

Emerald isle Photographer